Mikko Lehtinen


Mikko Lehtinen is a Finnish film director and founding president of the London based production company Sauna International Ltd. Mikko studied directing, TV commercial design, theatre directing and cultural history and started as a production assistant on MTV3 channel. After a few years he moved away from production on to directing where he has stayed to this day

James Pilkington


James Pilkington is an English film and commercial director, specializing in comedy. He trained at The University of Westminster Film School in London, and has gone on to write and direct a number of award-winning shorts and commercials.

Niels Grabol


Niels is a great storyteller. His childhood in a hippie commune has gifted him with great insight in people behaviour and his low key and subtle humour still drives many of his films, that is both beautiful and done with excellent film craft.

Most of his work consist a warm human touch combined with a humoristic twist, and of most importance and the essential key to his successful work; Niels carefully chosen cast.

Anton Sokolov


Anton Sokolov is a TV commercial and music video director. He shooted videos for famous Russian and US artists like Chris Murray, Machete, Ligalize, Basta, Black Star (Natan, Timati), Vyacheslav Butusov, Maksim and many others.

He was in the short list of a short movie festival in Los Angeles.

His work as a TVC director includes such brands as Nike, KFC, Harpers Bazaar, Mercedes Benz, Yamaha, Suzuki, Tinkoff, Perekryostok, Magnit, M-Video.

Rene Nuijens


A Dutch director and photographer. Known for his casting, subtle storytelling and dry humor. Learned life’s most important lessons while working as a boy in his fathers pet shop. For example, that humour is very much like kitty litter: its best to keep it dry, very dry…

His ability to talk and bond with animals laid the groundwork in his devolpment into a true actors director. Rene loves to uncover the absurditity of contemporary situations who are recognisable for everybody. And while he never liked dog shows, they did give him a taste for winning prizes.